School District Consultation

School Districts are often faced with the challenge of supporting a student who is beyond the scope of their expertise. In these situations, school districts are often forced to send these students to specialized schools who provide the extra support necessary to teach these students. Costs for this service are often $60,000-$90,000 a year. Elite ABA offers a cost efficient method to provide school districts the ability to fully support challenging students in their home school district. 

Through a combination of trainings, program and curriculum development, and Behavior Support Plan design,  Elite ABA provides the school districts the ability to provide customizable programs to its more challenging students.  We provide flexible options for school districts including single student assessment and planningclassroom and program consultation for autism, special needs, or classrooms with challenging behaviors, and behavior strategies for teachers in the general education classroomSkills acquisition and/or behavior reduction strategies are included in plans. 

Certified and Licensed Behavior Specialists supervise or conduct all therapy sessionsHours based on assessment and around each school district's need. Please contact us now to discuss how we can best serve you.