Your Home life Improved

At times we all feel overwhelmed with our life at home. Elite ABA provides family focused behavior solutions for individuals of all ages. We have a 10 Step System to Behavior Change that will promote change using positive reinforcement. We involve caregivers in program development and include parent/staff training as part of our program.

We provide comprehensive services based on each family’s need. Supports include home, community, and educational support (IEP, 504, etc), as well as supporting the needs of Independent Living Centers and Supported Living Facilities. Certified and Licensed Behavior Specialists supervise or conduct all treatment sessions to provide the highest quality care. 

Accepting most insurance plans, state funding, and offering flexible private pay options. Hours based around your schedule (evening and weekends available). Please contact us now to discuss your options.

“My son had a difficult time transitioning to kindergarten and Brandon was extremely helpful to us in evaluating his behaviors and working with us on helping him through the transition period and beyond.”

”Brandon handles difficult behaviors with ease and positive reinforcement. He makes students feel comfortable and successful on a daily basis.”