Embracing Life with Autism


Being a father of a son with Autism, as well as a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst, gives Brandon a unique perspective on treating Autism in a family setting. He understands the challenges families face because he has experienced them on a daily basis. He knows what it is like to have a child who did not speak until the age of 3. He knows what it is like to have his child cry for hours and not know why. But he also knows the joy of hearing his son say "I love you," for the first time. These experiences have taught Brandon strategies that can only be learned through the combination of personal and professional experiences. This allows Brandon to display the passion and expertise necessary to best serve each family.



Brandon received his BA in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Colorado and his Master's in Social Work and Applied Behavior Analysis from Saint Louis University. He has his Board Certification and Licensure in Applied Behavior Analysis. Brandon has presented at the Missouri Applied Behavior Analysis Conference, The Albert Pujols Wellness Center for Adults with Down Syndrome, The Department of Mental Health, Parents as Teachers, and more. He has collaborated with Health and Mental Health Professionals from Saint Louis University and Washington University in St. Louis. 



Brandon has over 14 years of experience working with individuals of all ages with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in educational, residential, and home-based settings. Brandon began working as a paraprofessional for individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in the school setting. After graduating with his Undergraduate Degree, he began working with Adults with Developmental Disabilities in the residential setting. Upon earning is Master's Degree, Brandon began working as a Behavior Analyst where he assesses, designs, implements, and trains caregivers to implement Behavior Support Programs.