Organizational Management

Elite ABA Services provides facility and organizational behavioral management strategies to help design and implement a program that enhances customer satisfaction through positive reinforcement. By using behavioral strategies to make the experience more enjoyable for customers, you increase the likelihood they will use your service again for similar needs. Improving your service may include general program design, tracking and improving staff performance, or increasing your profit margins. By working with Elite ABA Services, we can pinpoint areas of strength and improvement for your organization and design a system to improve outcomes.

Many Fortune 500 companies are now using Chief Behavioral Officers to serve in this capacity. For example, Microsoft has two! Hulu's CBO initiated the idea of allowing customers to choose between watching a long commercial prior to watching their show and then no commercials for the remainder of the episode, or intermittently watching commercials throughout the episode. This is based on the behavioral principles of choice making and delay discounting. This feature has increased customer satisfaction significantly! By using the principles of behavior to develop programs, train staff, and keep data on staff behavior, program outcomes, etc. companies make more informed decisions and improve their service at all levels. Allow Elite ABA Services to design a program that promotes customer satisfaction, efficiency, and success.

Organizational Training

Organizations such as hospitals, residential care centers, day service programs, etc. may be faced with the challenge of supporting individuals who are beyond the scope of their expertise. In these situations, they are often forced to send these individuals to specialized institutions who provide a more restrictive environment to support these individuals. This means that organizations must turn away clients that could benefit from their services and for whom the organization could received additional income. It also means these individuals may not have the opportunity to be in the environment that best fits their unique skill sets. Elite ABA offers a cost efficient method to provide organizations the ability to fully support individuals with special challenges. 

Through a combination of trainings, program and curriculum development, and Behavior Support Plan design,  Elite ABA provides organizations the ability to provide customizable programs to its more challenging clients. We provide flexible options including individualized assessment and planning, organizational program development, and behavior strategies for organizational leader and direct care staff.  

Certified and Licensed Behavior Specialists supervise or conduct all therapy sessions. Hours based on assessment and around each organization's need. Please contact us now to discuss how we can best serve you.